“…I had reconstructive surgery on my ACL and was looking to regain my vertical leap as I play competitive volleyball. …Rene Mata from ARC Performance helped me by developing a custom program to meet my goal. Within 16 sessions spanning 2 months, I was able to increase my standing vertical leap from 29’’ to 33’’. My three step approach was increased from 31’’ to 35’’ by our last session. ..Rene was very creative with his workouts which made each session more enjoyable as we never duplicated a routine. I would recommend both ARC and Rene for athletes that have specific goals in mind and are dedicated to bettering their athletic performance.”
Juan Alarcon

“Since I have started training with Rene I have made great strides in my strength, speed, and flexibility.  Each workout is unique, challenging, and pushes me to my limit.  In addition, it is obvious that Rene loves his job, and it shows as he motivates you to achieve your goals.  I recommend Rene to everyone I know!”
Mark Coleman

I just wanted to try a different type of training. My body was getting very used to training in Cincinnati and I needed somebody to push me more. I’ve known Reed for a while and I’ve been hearing good things about his training. He trained me a couple times and I liked it. I just feel like he’s a unique trainer.
Otis Hudson

When Aaron saw me on the runway during practice, he pulled me aside and told me that I had great potential. Ever since then, it’s been hard work and dedication. I’ve had my eyes on Aaron’s high school triple jump record since freshman year. I would tell him that I was going to break it, and he simply replied with a sarcastic “yea okay kid.” So then I had no other choice, but to go for it.
A.J. Scarbrough

“I participated in the Athletic Camp for the first half of the summer camp. During that time I was training for cross country and I found that the strength aspect that we worked on during this time gave me a solid base to start off my cross country season. The camp was well organized and sport/age specific for each athlete. There were young kids for soccer as well as college students for cross country, basketball, baseball. Rene did a good job personalizing each workout for each individual and their needs.”
Marta Dzundza

I discovered ARC Performance in October 2011, and gained a whole new perspective on exercise. Thanks to Neil and Aaron, I learned so much more about how to lift and what to lift. More importantly, I started taking my lower body lifts more seriously! Training at ARC furthermore solidified my decision to major in Kinesiology with a concentration of Movement Science at UIC.
Alvin Augustine

I realized that working with Aaron was the best way for me to accomplish those things. Working with Aaron I can’t remember ever having that feeling. I have learned so much at ARC Performance that I now implement a lot of the training into my regular routine and most of my routine is actually stuff I learned from all the trainers at ARC Performance.
Ivan Dxobak

At ARC there’s a bible verse on the wall 1 Corinthians 9:24, “run the race like you are going to win it.”That verse and the personal trainers at ARC changed my thinking. When I finished a marathon and they called my name as the overall women’s first place finisher, I was shocked! It just goes to show that you really can do more than you think you can.

My name is Mike Alcazar and I am a summer intern at ARC Performance. I am a sophomore at Wheeling High School. As an intern here at ARC, I have learned a lot; from the basics of strength training to the complexities of proper Olympic lifting technic. I have also enjoyed helping with marketing at one of my favorite places to eat, JK’s.
Mike Alcazar

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